Monday, 2nd April, 1866

A fine morning. Liv and Hardie went out a short time,  little after 8 o’clk. and caught 4 shad. Hardie got a duckling. Went entirely overboard, nearly out of his depth. Changed his clothes and returned and came in and retired about 4. Whole number of shad 156. Horace came down to spend the day. Nan and I took a snack and rode round to spend the evening with Martha, and took supper with her and returned about sunset. – – Tom is anxious for me to hire him. I promised to have him and one of the others also if Frederick would bring them round. – – – Hardie attended the vendue at Acquinton Church.1 I gave him $5 to dispose of for me if such articles as I wanted were sold. He has not returned yet. I imagine he has gone to call on Hal. Returned about ten. Only purchased a hat for himself @ 22 and returned $2. Sent Uncle Oby a shad and other things by his daughter.

  1. Originally Dutch from Middle French, a vendue is a public auction. By this time Acquinton Church was a geographic location, a road intersection and collection of commercial enterprises, in addition to a church building. But it is possible there was a public auction on that Monday on the church grounds.  (back)

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