Monday, 3 July, 1865

Quite pleasant. Ju and Jake Shook came to spend the day and go fishing and ducking.1In-law Jacob (Jake) Shook is a brother of Mag, Dr. Ju’s wife, and of Horace Shook, who we met 1 March of this year. He would be about 22. They killed 7 ducks and caught some perch. I arose after breakfast, but felt very weak. Have been right much indisposed for several days. Ju recommended me to take some of Bake’s bitters he has been making for her. Brought her the second bottle today, a kind of tea which he charges $2.50 pr. bottle for. – – Frederick ploughed the potatoes again today, early finished. Parky washed. Patsy weeded galavance peas, &c. Had Hardie’s room scoured by Martha and fixed up snugly. – – William Gregory came this evening to spend the night. Zac’s white-washing. – – Bake’s about some hem stitching. She has so much anxiety about my health and seems to be right care worn, and it grieves me to much to see it. She is such a dear child.

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