Monday‚ 3 October, 1864

A cloudy day, but we got along very well with our molasses. Bill got everything well under way and had to go to the C.H. about 12. Returned about sunset and brought Lieut. Haw with him to spend the night. They sat in the parlor and did writing till very late. – – Made 17 or 18 gallons molasses today. Filled all the carboys and put eleven gallons in the barrel. Made six gallons syrup, most elegant. The Lieut. said it tasted more like preserve syrup. I am very much pleased with the operation. We intend putting up two more boilers today. – – Commenced about making wine. Sent Martha, Bettie, Frank and Buck after grapes. Nan and Rose insisted in taking a walk with them. Got a nice parcel. Had them picked off and set in stands. – – Mrs. Moser came and her little son with her to bring me $100 for corn. I was very busy, too much so to come in the house or I should have given her some molasses to carry home. She seemed to be in a great hurry. – – Sent Bettie in and had some loaf bread and sora brought out and gave them a snack.

2 thoughts on “Monday‚ 3 October, 1864”

  1. Who was Buck? Also the weather in King William County for the summerof 1864 was very simular to our weather this summer. Were they having “Climate Change”?

    1. Buck was a Woodbury slave. He first appeared 2 August and I overlooked adding him to the “Cast of Characters.” Sorry. And weather and climate are not the same thing.

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