Monday, 4 July, 1864

A very pleasant pretty day. Zac carried Pigeo and Nannie Lewis to school in the buggy. I got up after breakfast and tried to use my arm a little. Replaced my china and crockery in the corner safe. _?_brought it from its hiding place. Very little like the freedom secured to us by our forefathers on this day, the anniversary of the 4th of July 1776, but we have abused that Liberty and the Lord sees fit to remind us of it. – – Parky’s at work in the garden, Patsy cooked breakfast, Dellah dinner and Parky supper. Patsy milks in the evening and Parky in the morning. I am teaching all the young ones to be cooks. I took a ride on Shakespeare this evening to the oatfield where they are cutting oats, Jim, Frederick and Bartlett, and then by the cowpen where Patsy’s milking. We milk eight fine cows now and abound in the nicest of milk and butter, and all are so fond if it, White and Black, except Uncle Oby, who eats neither.1Based on the 12 June entry it sounded like Uncle Oby lived at Sandy Point. As he seem to be included in “all are so fond of it, Black and White,” it now seem likely he lives at Woodbury. Perhaps his wife and family lived at Sandy Point. Maybe later on we can be more confident. – – Bake and Zac took a long walk. – – Nan’s indisposed all day, and Bake has had the blues too, owing to their company leaving I imagine.

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