Monday, 4th June, 1866

Pretty weather after so much rain. Ju spent the morning and agreed with me as regards bringing Pigeo down the country sooner than the last of Oct. Thinks it would be economy to board her at Mr. Goss till that time. – – Zac made it late starting to school this morning. Mary will remain till Saturday, at which time I promised to send her over in the buggy, Zac to drive George. Ju took Stuart home with him. I shall miss him so much. He and I had a settlement up to this time. Bill transacted it with him. – – Mary’s health is not good. I was anxious for her to call in Ju and satisfy me as to an opinion I have formed as regards her situation. Her health indicates disease of some kind. She would not consent though. – – Liv and Nan called on Lu Lipscomb and staid till after supper. They were caught in a shower. They came in while we were at supper.

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