Monday, 9 October, 1865

Still dry, too much so to sow wheat, though we are ready. Bill has the men digging potatoes, and Patsy and Parky picking peas. I engaged Clarissa Jim’s wife to pick out cotton.1This is the first mention of Clarissa, Jim’s wife. There will be many others. Caroline spells her name sometimes with one r, other times with two. The same goes for s. For the sake of clarity I will render it Clarissa. Give her one pound in ten. She milks every morning and I gave her milk for her breakfast as a remuneration. – – Cut off a skirt for Pigeo’s gown and a chemise of the same bleached cotton and sent them to her by Buck. Also sent gum arabic and some other things. Bake sent a note to Hal for Ju to take to her. He is visiting her sick. – – Zac started to school to Col. McLaughlin this morning. – – Bake and I, with some other assistance, made a confederate or wax candle. It was something new to me and very little trouble to do. – – To one pound of wax, two spoonfuls of powdered resin. – – Capt. Goldsmith came this evening to spend the night.2Goldsmith, who will be mentioned again tomorrow when he leaves Woodbury, remains unidentified. No military Captain Goldsmith has come to hand, so it may be that this Captain is associated with a ship plying the waters of the York and its tributaries. Finished digging potatoes today and put the 3rd mound from 33 to 35 bushels. Preserved apples today.

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