Saturday, 10th February, 1866

Quite a pretty day. Bill and Hardie went out before breakfast and killed a wild turkey and three ducks. – – Zac and Brumly went across the river to call on Miss Henley, found a good many there.1 They returned to dinner. Brumly left about 4 o’clk., and Bill in company with him to the C. H. Gave him $20 to pay Mr. Slaughter for 7 pounds seine thread @ $2.10 for pound. Brought the balance of money back. Hardie went out shooting this evening, but killed nothing. Sent 4 ducks by Jim to Jeff Hill tonight to sell. – – Mrs. Slaughter sent Adam for glass. Sent her sixteen jelly glasses, 19 goblets and six wine glasses, my passage lamp and silver. She returned my moulds. – – I gave Dellah a dress for Bennie this morning. Nan and I finished off a comforter this evening we commenced Monday. We enjoy the oysters so much.

  1. This Miss Henley is likely Virginia Thomas (Jennie) Henley, daughter of Joseph Temple Henley and Elizabeth Todd [Walker] Henley of Hillsborough, just across the river from Woodbury. A frequent visitor at Woodbury, we first met Mr. Henley on 19th June, 1864.  (back)

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