Saturday, 11 June, 1864

A very beautiful morning. Bill went with Mr. Stacy to Larkin’s. Zac rode a horse he left here as far as Mr. Powell’s, I believe.1Likely Elijah L. Powell who owned 256 acres “adj. C.H.” according to the 1863 KW Land Tax Book. The 1865 Gilmer map shows an E. Powell living east of Zion Church, about a mile from the Courthouse. Returned at 12 and took Bake and Nan in the boat to Mr. Normund’s on a fishing excursion.2Samuel F. Norment lived up the river at White Bank plantation. The Norment family name receives several spelling variations over the years, including Norman. It was agreed upon sometime ago. I expected them without fail to supper, but Zac and Nan came just as we finished, and Bake was prevailed upon by her friends to remain with the intention of returning home with Mary King.3Mary King is likely the 26 year-old daughter of James Hill King who lived near the courthouse. Mary’s mother was Rosina (Ellett) King, Caroline’s sister. So this would be Caroline’s niece. The children brought me a basket of nice cherries, the first I’ve had. I pickled directly. – – I took a most delightful ride on Shakespeare this morning.4Another of the Littlepage horses. Returned at 12. How pleasant everything seems when we can have a little respite from the Yankees. It is said they are leaving the W. House now.5White House, was a 18th century plantation in New Kent County on the Pamunkey River and the home of Daniel Park and Martha (Dandridge) Custis, later Martha Washington. It became the crossing site of the Richmond and York River Railroad – now the Norfolk Southern Railway – into King William County in 1860. Used as a supply base for union troops under General George McClellen during the 1862 Peninsula Campaign, the house was burned when the Union troops departed. It was then owned by Robert E. Lee’s son William H. F. “Rooney” Lee, he of “Lee’s Rangers.” Caroline will sometimes abbreviate it as W. H. I only hope it’s so. Don’t know how true it is. Large numbers of our servants have gone with them, as well as from the adjacent counties.

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