Saturday, 11 March, 1865

Quite a pretty day, after a freeze last night. Had to have my potato bed covered with straw. – – We agreed to lend ten barrels corn to the Government. The gentlemen left after breakfast. Mr. White came for a part of the corn we sold Mr. Davis, delivered him 40 bushels.1 – – Mrs. Hill sent for five bushels oats @ $40 pr. bushel. – – Ju spent the day. He and I had a settlement, i.e., I looked in his acct. – – I settled Beck’s hire for six or seven months last year, also gave him $35 in Va. money for the $5 I borrowed in greenbacks last year. – – Cut out two shirts for Liv, Va. Cloth. – – Dellah commenced about making them. – – Pigeo has been quite sick all day. Bake and Nan walked to see Mrs. Lipscomb this evening.

  1. Even though Mr. Davis has appeared in the Journal before in the same role, and will again, we still do not know which Mr. Davis this is.  (back)

2 comments on “Saturday, 11 March, 1865

  1. Tom Brown says:

    On August 6, 1864 Caroline settled on a boat at the exchange of $3.50 of Confederate money to $1.00 of Virginia money. Today we read that $7.00 of Virginia equals $1.00 in Greenback or $24.50 of Confederate money equals $1.00 in Greenbacks. Is this correct or am I reading this wrong?

    • Bibb says:

      Caroline is providing an excellent example of Confederate late Civil War inflation. Shortly those Confederate notes would be worth $0.

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