Saturday, 12 November, 1864

Quite a changeable and blustering day. Bill arrived about nine o’clk., not having sold anything except the butter, which he got $10 pr. lb for. The soap he carried to Mary’s, the oats and bacon he left with Turner and Moore. – – Settled with them up to this time. Loaned Bartlett $200 to buy a pair of boots and Washing – $30.1While Caroline only wrote “Washing” here, she wrote over the lowercase w with an uppercase W. This suggests Caroline loaned Washington $30. – – The storm this evening prevented my sending for Bake. Poor little Nan is suffering so intensely with toothache. I’ve tried everything I could think of for it and had at last resorted to laudanum and brandy. That has relieved her more than anything else she has tried. – – Sent Washington yesterday evening to see Mr. Smith about the chimney. He has promised again to come on Tuesday. I do hope he will. We are so much in want of those fireplaces.2There were several male Smiths in the vicinity, mostly farmers. This may have been William Smith, about 38, listed in the 1860 & 1870 Censuses as a carpenter. – – Beamed a piece of coarse cloth today, 42 yds. for Dellah to weave. Bettie helping about the corn again today. Frank also. Martha was with them yesterday. – – Bill could only get 2 bags of salt, instead of 5. There was a short.

2 thoughts on “Saturday, 12 November, 1864”

  1. Bibb, a slight typo on today’s post date: advanced forward a hundred years. A great job and most interesting read. Thanks.

    1. Thanks! Scary to think I can make a slight 100 year error. You should see what I can do with decimal points! And I am glad you are enjoying Caroline.

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