Saturday, 14 October, 1865

After the morning we have a close rainy day. Finished off the two boilers of molasses early. Hardie attended to it, i.e. with Martha and one of the boys. Looks something like breaking off this evening. Had Duroc put in the yard, thinking to drive him with Shakespeare tomorrow to church. Hardie came in and told me he needed some kind of medicine. I had some watermelon seed tea made and sent it to Bill for him, but he had him out in the stable without giving it, thinking, I suppose, he was better. – – Had seed wheat fanned up today, upwards of 100 bushels. – – Pigeo is alternately a little better or not quite so well. – – The day has been too unlikely to milk for Bake. Martha got supper, Parky is sick, and Patsy had to milk.

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