Saturday, 14th July, 1866

The weather continues very warm. After breakfast, I went down and did over some preserves and then had a snack. Bill had gone to the Militia call, returned soon enough to go up to Walkerton Mill. Brought the meal and flour. I took supper before Bill returned, but gave out supper to Patsy for himself and the children, who I am expecting every minute. They came just before supper was ready, and Miss Jennie Henley and Alec Acree with them.1We may have met Alexander Campbell (Alec) Acree of Walkerton in King and Queen County on 18 February last year. He is now about 16, the son of Col. Edward Smith Acree and his wife Mary Susan [Fox] Acree. The Acrees lived at what would later be called “The Hotel” overlooking the Mattiponi River. A century later the residence had been converted into apartments. In 1973-74 the top floor of the rear “wing” was occupied by the author of this footnote. Gave Patsy some flour for raking a walk in the garden. Gave out three weeks allowance of meat to Jim and one week to Washington. After dinner, I examined those papers belonging to Meredith’s Estate. Jim has meat for three weeks from this time.

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