Saturday, 15 April, 1865

Quite a rainy day. The darkies are employing the day for themselves pretty much. Jim borrowed the seine and floated. Gave him all the shad he caught. – – Bettie twisted some sewing cotton. – – Martha toasted wheat. Dellah got in the pouts and I sent her out. Aunt Becky has employed a seamstress for several days. I walked up there yesterday and sat a while in her house. somehow or other I am sad today. – – Tom came down from Mary’s without her knowledge. I expected a letter and was disappointed on that account. He informed me that Leah had left Mary also. – – We were so sorry to hear it, knowing how much she was attached to her. – – Troubles do not come single handed, but we must have patience, courage, fortitude and resignation and all will be well in the end. The slight affliction may prove for our ultimate good.

One comment on “Saturday, 15 April, 1865

  1. Tom Brown says:

    In the fall Caroline was selling a pound of butter for $8.50 in confederate money and yesterday we read that she got $.20 for the same pound of butter in what I assume were greenbacks. This would be a decline in the exchange rate from last month ($24.50 in confederate money to $1.00 greenback) to $42.50 in confederate money to $1.00 greenback now. Another way to look at this is that Last month she could sell 5 pounds of butter for $1.73 in greenbacks and now receives $1.00 in greenbacks.

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