Saturday, 18th August, 1866

Still cool, but not so cool as yesterday was. Liv went to look for squirrels again before breakfast, but was unsuccessful. Bill left after breakfast for W. Braxton’s in Hanover to see him respecting “Meredith’s suit”1This is William Priestly Braxton, MD, of Oak Spring in King William. He would be about 49 in 1865. He married Virginia Coalter of Hanover County in 1855. They had one son and three daughters. He would move his family to Hanover County where he would remain until his death in 1881. He was a great-grandson of Carter Braxton. Sent Jim and Washington to Enfield for apples with a bag a piece, early this morning. They have the day. – – Put out a few tomatoes today. Logan Turner spent the day. He and Zac started away together, the latter on Shakespeare, to Acquinton Church to the singing. Returned some time in the night. He and Liv went fishing in the morning. I wish they could employ their time better. It is of the utmost importance that they should. Bill returned from Hanover after we had retired. Dr. Braxton gave him all the information he could and will be over and bring the papers next week, I think Bill said, or rather about the 10th of September.

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