Saturday, 20 August, 1864

Tremendous rain last night. The three soldiers left for Essex after breakfast. Had a place fixed in the passage for the wounded soldier. Been expecting Pigeo this evening, but the inclemency of the weather prevents her coming, I suppose. Sent a small trunk of clothes to her by Scott to “Mount Hope” for her to wear to church tomorrow, where I expect to meet her.1 – – I made a shirt for Tom while Dellah was about dinner. She is making pants for him and Frank. – – Nannie and Rose are as noisy as half day children ought to be. – – I rode George over to see the hogs and little pigs, a pretty parcel. Bill met me over there. – – Scott went along with me and prepared the bridge at the meadow gate before I could pass. The rain last night had moved a part of it. – – Sold Sarah another pound butter at $7.2

  1. Sterling B. (Brett) Lipscomb was now the owner of “Mount Hope,” the home of Lewis and Caroline Littlepage before they moved the family to Woodbury. It was close to Zion Church. Brett Lipscomb married Angelina Ellett, daughter of James B. Ellett, and thus a cousin of Caroline.  (back)
  2. Sarah seems to be buying butter for herself, not her owner, Dr. Ju.  (back)

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