Saturday, 21st April, 1866

Commenced taking quinine quite early and continued it till eleven, but the chill came and I suffered intensely all day with violent headache and effects of quinine. – – Nan is beginning to be an excellent little housekeeper, everything revolves on her. Of course, her studies are all neglected and her little feet are going pat-a-pat through the house all day. – – We had a terrific storm this evening. Blew all the fences down and two sides of the garden paling, and the most tremendous fall of water I ever knew in the same length of time. – – After the storm, Bill weighed out the servants meat, including John Banks. I didn’t allow Patsy to come out to get supper. The boys and Nan ate cold biscuits and molasses. Zac did not return last evening. Gone to call on some of the ladies I imagine, as he is such a lady’s man. Hardie planted the watermelon seed this evening. Bill rode to W. O. this morning about day to see Crouch. Sold him three lambs for $14, paid 7 ½ .

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