Saturday, 22 July, 1865

Quite as warm as it was yesterday. I expected the children to breakfast, but they came about 7 or 8 o’clk., having spent a delightful time there. Hardie and William Gregory brought me a nice parcel of cake, and I really enjoyed it. All hands went to sleep, except Hardie, who took something to eat and tried to take his Uncle Hill’s wagon home, but couldn’t possibly keep his eyes open long enough to start with it. So, he turned Duroc loose to graze in the yard and concluded to sleep some first. Bill commenced machining about 12. Had an early dinner and had them all waked up to dinner, but Bake and Pigeo couldn’t possibly get down to dinner. After we had finished, I went up in their room and sent Martha down for something for them. William left without seeing them, about six o’clk. Hardie took Hill’s wagon home. He only charged him $.25 for it and that was merely to keep his word. Liv speaks of starting to Mary’s one o’clk. tonight. Put up a snack for that purpose. He rode a mule down. – – Zac attended to the machine and Bill went to Walkerton Mill.

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