Saturday, 23 September, 1865

Still dry. Bill went to King and Queen today to see Mr. Waytt, Wyatt the millwright.1 Returned about 4 o’clk. – –  Mr. Henley came over the river with a servant in the boat for some hogs, 5 in no. We had been finding sometime. He said he would pay damages and give us a pig. Hardie got a nice parcel of grapes and Bettie and Martha picked them off to preserve and make wine of. – – Made some beautiful preserves while the children, Bake, Hardie and Nan were gone after nuts. Zac went to Walkerton Mill before dinner and returned to dinner. – – Frank McLaughlin came this evening.2 Set a hand supper in the parlor.3

  1. Probably James G. Wyatt, 42, listed in the 1870 US Census as a millwright. Wyatt was a very common King and Queen family name.  (back)
  2. It is likely Frank is related to Col. McLaughlin. But how?  (back)
  3. Would a “hand supper” be what we call today a buffet?  (back)

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