Saturday, 24 June, 1865

A beautiful morning. Hardie and Pigeo rode up to Ju’s on horseback. After they returned, Hardie and I rode to Hill’s and spent the day. I rode Fannie and Hardie, Shakespeare. Found Mag in bed. Festus returned from prison at Point Lookout a few days ago. After spending a pleasant day, we returned to supper. Found William Gregory there when we returned, who spent the night.1 – – Bill returned from Richmond this evening. Sold my butter for $.30 pr. pound. Got 12 lbs. sugar, two milk cans and a tin bucket. – – Mary sent me a bushel very superior flour. Dear child, I hope the Lord will prosper her in everything in this world. She deserves it, and bestow upon her immortal joys hereafter is my prayer.

  1. This is likely the William Gregory, son of Roger Gregory and Maria Ellett of Elsing Green. He would have been about 34.  (back)

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