Saturday, 29 July, 1865

An excessively warm day again. Pigeo has had a fever all day. – – Martha got dinner today, Parky ironed. I ironed some little things in the passage and got very warm. Logan Turner came this evening expecting to take Pigeo up to Mr. Winston’s, but was very much disappointed finding her sick. William Gregory and Stanley Neale came shortly after, the former to see about his buggy, broken here yesterday. Zac took it up to Mr. Houchings’ to mend (i.e. one of the wheels) by promise yesterday, but he said he would be unable to mend it till next week. – – Had a cloud and a beautiful rain this evening and continued through the night. From some cause or other, I did not sleep and heard the rain all night. I omitted to say Hardie, Pigeo and I took medicine tonight.

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