Saturday, 3 June, 1865

The weather is exceedingly warm. The boys, with Lieut. Arledge, made an awning for the boat and went fishing, returned to dinner. After dinner, Bake and I, with Hardie and Liv on horseback, went up to see little Louie interred. He was the sweetest looking little thing I ever beheld. – – Logan Turner came in a buggy for Pigeo to take her up to Mr. Winston’s. They started just before we did. – – Left the Lieut. to take care of the house, as he was asleep. Bake and I commenced taking quinine bitters. I hope they will improve her. She is so very thin and delicate.1A reminder that Woodberry is again in malarial season. Between 27 September last and the first of May Caroline mentioned the word chill but once. And that was on 17 January in connection with the cold temperature. As summer progresses so will illness, and Caroline’s attempts to ease the suffering.  She and the Lieut. walked to the cherry tree and got a little bucket full. They take a ride in the morning and walk every evening. I think she aught to improve under the treatment.

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