Saturday, 31 December, 1864

Commenced snowing early this morning and snowed till dinner. Ju rode up home to return tomorrow for Mag and the children, who have been over since Sunday. Gave him some cold turkey and pig to carry with him, but he soon returned. Said everything was too quiet there to remain and will stay here till morning. The girls and young men left before dinner and Bake with them, to meet us at Church tomorrow, if nothing prevents my going. – – I’ve been busy in the dining room arranging my things in the safes and other places. – – Sold Sarah ½ gallon molasses for eleven dollars today. – – They all enjoyed themselves dancing till time to go. Bought an ox yoke of Uncle Billy Segar. Gave him $20 for it on Thursday.

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  1. Tom Brown says:

    Bibb, It has been awhile since I had time to write to you, so I’ll try to catch-up on some questions and possible answers for you. Having had a chimney fire last year–“burning chimneys” may be a way of safely sweeping a chimney of creosote with a torch for the top. Wesley Greene in his book (Vegetable Gardening the Colonial Williamsburg Way)says to wrap green tomatoes in paper to ripen over the next 3 to 4 weeks. How does Birthday cake last for several weeks? If it isn’t too much trouble, would alphabatize the Cast of Characters again? I’ve been writing in between the lines
    on mine and it has become quite full. Thanks, Tom

    • Bibb says:

      Tom, Good to hear from you. Happy New Year! Your suggestion about “burning chimneys” seems very plausible. It seems a very unpleasant but necessary job considering how frequent chimney fires are when wood is burned. Since Caroline seems to have only one working fireplace it probably was being heavily used. And I remember green tomatoes being wrapped in newspapers at my house when I was a little boy. It works. I might try that again here next fall with my homegrowns. I have no idea about the birthday cake. It seems to me it would mold rather quickly. You can sort the Cast of Characters by last name in your browser. If you move your cursor to the right along the row at the top that says “Surname” and before it reaches “Given Name” move it slightly above the faint blue line you should see small up and down tabs. Click on them and the Surname column will resort. This used to work for all of the columns but a change (upgrade!) of the behind the scenes software that makes up the website has removed that capability. It might return. I hope so.

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