Saturday, 3rd November, 1866

A very beautiful day. Continue digging potatoes again today, and have them spread on the floor up the kitchen stairs. If anything they are better than they were yesterday. Clarissa and Patsy are digging today. John Lewis came by on his way home and very kindly offered to take care of 30 or 40 bushels potatoes if we would send them to him. Gave him some large ones to carry home. – – Sold Sandy a pair of blk. cloth pants for $3.50 this evening and a starched bosom shirt for $1. They were all quite late finishing the potatoes today, i.e. I mean housing them. I’ve been busy as usual today. Turned round some things in the dining room and oiled the floor. – – Pigeo and Nan will sleep upstairs tonight for the first time and I in the chamber alone. I love solitude sometimes and enjoy my own reflections, love to meditate.

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