Saturday, 8 April, 1865

A beautiful day. I went to the barn where Bill was fixing corn planters, ploughs, &c. – – Got Uncle Bartlett to sink a barrel for my white wash in the back yard. – – Had another potato bed made and planted. Bill prepared it. Martha put out the potatoes. – – But we do not plant in hopes now as we used to do. We know not one hour what is to be next. We live in continual suspense, fears and dread, and the horrors of a fearful future, but I sometimes go on my way rejoicing. – – Mag, with Margaret and baby, came to spend the day. We enjoyed as much as such times would permit. She carried Stuart back with her. Martha and Tom went to help carry his things. Sent Mrs. Slaughter some early corn and gave Mag some. She sent me a bottle of yeast by Tom. Bake gave Mag a sun bonnet.

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