Saturday, 8 July, 1865

Another very warm day. Engaged Corbin to assist Jim and Frederick cutting oats.1 Dellah’s getting on tolerably well weaving. – – Uncle Bartlett is a little better today. – – Mr. Rock left after breakfast and Hardie about the same time to call at several places, and Liv is among the rest. Gave him $5 to subscribe to the Picnic. Hemmed and tacked Bake’s flannel today, and quilled some braid for her to make a head dress for Mrs. Edwards. – – I’m improving some in health and spirits, but can’t help feeling very sad at times. Mrs. Lipscomb came this evening to get something for her son who is sick. Attended to her wants and fixed up some medicine for him, and gave her instructions about giving it. – – Gave Pigeo cream of tartar this evening. – – I wrote to Nannie this morning by Mr. Rock, who is on his way to Richmond. William Gregory came with Hardie from D. Lewis at 12 o’clk.

  1. Caroline’s spelling in this entry of the Journal is Corban. But this is certainly the Corbin Braxton who married Dellah at Woodbury last December 27th. For some reason Caroline will alternate the spellings Corbin / Corban. To eliminate reader confusion I will keep the spellings consistent, Corbin.  (back)

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