Sunday, 11 June, 1865

Another fine day. I prepared dinner again today, in hopes of having the Dr. with us, but he was under a previous engagement to go to Hardin’s. He was unusually interesting today. The church was filled to overflowing. I should have gone to Hardin’s too, but for having company and feeling it my duty to come home. Hardie and the Lieut. dined there and returned to a supper. – – Old Uncle Oby left for Sandy Point to join his family this morning.1Yes, we now know what was suspected. Oby’s family is at Sandy Point and that explains his frequent visits. Poor old fellow! I hope he will be taken care of. I think if we listen to the darkies it will not only take all the work to pay them, but we shall have to look for work ourselves to help raise enough. I do not think that some of them will be able to content themselves at all after a little while. They are so changeable. – – Have two or three patients, Tom, Scott and Iverson. Prepared powders for them to take once in two hours all day for dysentery. Got Bill to take Scott to the quarters. The old man has taken possession of Frank and refuses to let him come to the house ever since Friday. He is the greatest usurper I ever saw.

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