Sunday, 12 June, 1864

The weather is exceedingly cool for the season, fire is pleasant all day. – – Nan and I have spent the day very agreeably, although alone, i.e. none of the whole family are home except us. Our servants had many visitors today unexpectedly and it fell to my lot to entertain them, they having gone visiting themselves, i.e. Beck and Parky had.1Beck is another Woodbury “servant.” She also appears in the text as Aunt Becky. They all sat in the porch with me till dinner was ready. They were all a very nice order of Colored People, Uncle Oby’s wife, daughter, grandchildren, grandson’s widow, a very nice “colored lady,” all from Sandy Point, besides some others not named.2Sandy Point is about five miles down river from Woodbury. The Gilmer map shows Col. R. (Robert) King residing at Sandy Point. However the KW Land Tax Book lists Edulia (Gregory) King as owner. Robert King’s brother, James Hill King, married Rosina Ellett, Caroline’s sister. Sandy Point State Forest now occupies the site. 3Oby is likely short for Obadiah. Likely this Uncle Oby was either Obey Lawson or Obediah Willis, both listed in the 1866 Personal Property Tax Books, both Negro. As the journal progresses we might be able to better identify him. – – Margaret from Dr. Ju’s, Jane and Ellen from C.H. – – Bartlett went to escort three young ladies from King and Queen just over the way.4Bartlett is another male Littlepage slave. In 1866 the KW Personal Property Tax Book list a Bartlet Burnley, identified a Negro. Made Uncle Oby’s relations some presents when they started for their kindness to him last winter, for which they expressed many thanks and wished I might never be troubled by the Yankees. Frankie came in about the time the rest started.5“Frankie” only appears once in the journal. However this may be Caroline’s nickname for young Frank who was weeding in the yard when the journal began two weeks ago. Dellah had a young gentleman to call on her also. Bill returned to an early supper. – – 4th Sunday we have stayed from Church.

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  1. Excellent- Most interesting reading. First person writings like this few and far between.

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