Sunday 13 November, 1864

Rather cool today. Nan remained on account of her toothache. The rest of us, including Bill, went to Zion. Sent Dellah up for Bake before breakfast. She got there in good time to get ready for Church. My dear little Nannie has suffered more than I ever saw any one suffer to complain as little, and if I do not have her tooth taken out when the swelling goes down, I will be very much to blame. We all returned to dinner. Rose sent me a spare rib and piece of china by Dellah. – – Nan ate a few mouthfuls, she has lived on loaf bread and tea for three or four days. She is a little easier tonight. – – Cousin Lem was not at Church today. He and his wife are in Richmond and are detained there on account of their horse. They think he is stolen. – – Carried Nannie Edwards a bottle of yeast.1

  1. The only appearance under the name Nannie Edwards, this could be Anna Elizabeth [Corr] Edwards, wife of Kleber Edwards, next door neighbors of Dr. Ju, or Miss Ann Marie Edwards, daughter of William Austin Edwards. Nannies abound.  (back)

2 comments on “Sunday 13 November, 1864

  1. Ron Parker says:

    In all probability, the “china” that was sent to Dellah was a piece of pork called chine. It is the neck bone of a hog.

    I really enjoy the blog.


  2. Bibb says:

    Good eye! You are correct. The error was mine, not the transcriber. The OCR software I used for the text rendered it “china” and I did not notice the error. Chine will again appear on 4 December.

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