Sunday, 15 October, 1865

A tolerably good day, a little rain occasionally. Hardie got ready for church and was about to start, but was prevented by rain. I had no way to go. Duroc was found dead in the stable, and the children had George in Richmond. We all spent the day at home. Pigeo improves slowly. – – Bake and Zac arrived about 6 o’clk. Brought the things I left at Oakland, wine, sugar, coffee, &c. Made all her purchases satisfactory to herself. Tavia accompanied her shopping.1Although Caroline writes Tavia she certainly means Octavia Shook, usually called Tavie. She spent most of her time with Mary. – – Liv wrote to Pigeo. – – Also an answer to Wm. Spiller’s letter. – – Bake is quite complaining from the inclement day. We all slept together in the back chamber. I rubbed her shoulders after we retired. Sat up quite late.

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