Sunday, 16 October, 1864

A beautiful day. – – Bill left after breakfast with one of the Guards, and the rest of us, Nan, Rose and myself left for Zion. – – Gave Martha and Bettie permission to visit their relations at Miss Mildred Garlick’s.1The 1860 KW U.S. Census shows M. C. Garlick, 50, as head of a Household, living alone. The next entry is Archie Brown of North Point who we met 8 July. Land tax rolls show Mildred C. Garlick with 240 acres held in fee simple next to Archie Brown. On the Gilmer map a Garlick household is shown on the road to North Point and the main road. It is likely Martha and Bettie were headed to that household to visit family. Mildred was a daughter of Samuel Garlick, Jr., the Garlicks an old neighborhood family. We returned by Ju’s to dinner and from there called by Larkin’s to see Miss Elvira, who is sick.2Miss Elvira Garrett was Larkin and Camm Garrett’s sister, about 44 in 1864. Met with Mrs. Wm. Garrett’s family there.3William W. Garrett, Jr., about 53, and wife Ann lived close to Camm and Larkin in King William in the 1850 census. The 1863 tax book shows him in King William’s Upper Parish, probably just south and east of Sharon Church. William was likely a cousin of Elvira, Larkin, and Camm. From there I called to see Camm and Mrs. Garrett, the former quite sick. After arriving at home, sent Dellah with a loaf of bread, butter and a couple slices Zac’s birthday cake to them. It was nearly dark when she got back. – – Larkin sent a boy on a horse to borrow some quinine for Elvira. I sent him 20 or 25 grains. – – Bill came after we had gone to bad very early, having lost his nice snack I put up for him, bag, towel and all.

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