Sunday, 16th September, 1866

Quite a pretty day. Nan and I attended Zion in the buggy, and Addison on a mule. Few persons there. Called by Ju’s a short while and returned home to dinner. Bake remained with George, who is about the same as he was yesterday. Bill and Pigeo remained in charge. It has been my custom for the last 12 months to leave out everything necessary and lock up the key basket. Children are so thoughtless, but Bake thought I could leave it with her as I used to do. She was always so particular. So I left it with her and Pigeo to keep house and give out dinner. I went down to see about dinner and the first thing that attracted my notice was the dining room lock setting open, safes and everything exposed. The next thing I wanted was the pantry key and that was in the door. Then went to the pantry closet where my sweet and Irish potatoes and various other things are and found that open, and after having a good laugh all round, I concluded what was best for me to do with the keys hereafter. – – Messrs.¬†Cooke and Grubbs came late this evening. Knocked at the door and no one to receive them. Bake and I were in the garden, and Pigeo and Nan gone chinquapin hunting. I soon discovered them and went in, and the children came in a short time after. They left after dark. – – George is worse tonight, vomited a good deal. Only drank a cup of tea for supper.

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