Sunday, 18th March, 1866

A cold, disagreeable, windy day. We all got ready as soon as we could and Bill remained at home and the rest of us attended Zion. Hardie on Fannie and Zac in the carriage with Nan and myself, and Randolph to drive. There were not many at Church. Cousin Lem was not as interesting as usual. Spoke from a portion of the 7th chp. of Matthew, subject “The golden rule.” We all returned to dinner. Hardie ahead of us, found one of Larkin’s cows grazing on our best wheat. Zac took Randolph’s place and sent him to drive her out. Hardie had just driven her out before we got there and she had returned again, and I suppose did the same again after we left. There was nothing to prevent. I don’t know why Bill suffers himself to be imposed upon by those of his neighbors who are so very exacting with him and enforce the law under similar circumstances.

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