Sunday, 19th May, 1867

A lovely day, and I would like above all things to attend Church every Sunday if I possibly could, but having no conveyance at present must content myself the best I can at home. Mary’s quite complaining all day. Bill took a long nap about dinner time. John boiled a joint in the kitchen, and I cooked the rest of the dinner in the stove and then had to dine alone, i.e., no one but Mollie and myself. All had taken a snack and are napping. Mr. and Mrs. Garrett and Dr. Ju spent the evening. Mr. Cooke and Pigeo arrived from Smyrna to supper, expected them yesterday evening.

3 comments on “Sunday, 19th May, 1867

  1. DELLA GARRETT says:

    Mr. Edwards,

    Can you give me more information about the Garretts Caroline mentions in this entry? I am wondering if they are related.

    Thanking you in advance,

    • Bibb says:

      Good to hear from you Della. Camm Smith Garrett (1821-1875) is the older brother and neighbor of Larkin Garrett (1833-1886). They were born and lived all of their lives near the Elletts and Littlepages. Camm is the father of, among others, Benjamin Camm Garrett, Sr. (1861-1923). Together with his son, Ben, Jr., they were Clerks of Court in King William from 1893 to 1973.

      • Della Garrett says:

        I once worked for Ben C Garrett, III. He was a wonderful gentleman. Thank you for the information.

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