Sunday, 21 August, 1864

Cool enough for fire this morning. Bill went up to Mr. Burke’s and the rest of us to Church. We miss Zac this morning. – – Met Pigeo at Zion. She had been quite sick while away. – – Cousin Jim preached.1At Zion, a proto-Christadelphian Church, where all the male members were titled “Brother,” there were no professional ministers. At services sermons were generally given by a “speaking brother.” Cousin Lemuel Edwards was so recognized. The term “speaking brother” is still used in Christadelphian congregations, which are called ecclesias. We left from there for the funeral at Mr. Burkes (Rosco’s). We took our snack on the way. Would have stopped a while on our way, but never like to intrude. It was too far to come by home. We would have been too late. We got there in good time. Mr. Sand preached a large audience.2Mr. Sand also preached on 24 July at Mr. Lipscomb’s funeral. It now appears there is another possible Mr. Sand. Details forthcoming. Pigeo went up, Nan, Rose and myself. Had a nice time. Washington drove. Arrived at home at twilight, went out myself and gave the horses meal and water before the boy carried them away. Found Bill and Mr. Tolston had just gotten in to spend the night. – – The girls, Miss Jennie Haynes, Miss Lee Lipscomb and Miss Robinson were at Zion and promise to visit Pigeo tomorrow.3Miss Jenny was likely Virginia Haynes of King & Queen County, about 17. Miss Lee Lipscomb might be Sterling Brett Lipscomb’s eldest daughter, about 18. She appears as Sarah in 1860 U.S. Census, Lue in 1870. Caroline will later write of Lou, Lue, and Lu Lipscomb. It appears her given names were Sarah Louise. If “Sarah/Lue/Lu/Lee/Lou” is indeed this young lady she will have a long association with the Littlepages. Caroline will write later of Pigeo receiving a letter from Mary Robinson. There was a Mary Robinson, about 14, nearby. She was the daughter of B. N. Robinson. Another Mary Robinson was the daughter of Samuel Robinson. She would have been about 16. Robinson was a common family name in King William and King & Queen. So we cannot be sure which Robinson this was.

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