Sunday, 21st January, 1866

Quite a pretty day. We drove Shakespeare and Fannie to Zion. Nan remained at home, and Hardie and Zac went in the carriage with me, Corbin drove. Returned by Ju’s to dinner and brought Stuart with me home to stay some time. Bill returned from Richmond to supper. Brought a letter from Mary, one from Pigeo and one from Bake. Received one while at Church from Bake and one from Liv, handed me by Hardin. It is so gratifying to me to hear from absent ones. Received a letter from each absent child today, two from one of them. They are all well and as far as I may judge from their letters, happy. – – Nan and I are two invalids, both half of our time complaining. Dellah cooks this week.

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