Sunday, 22 January, 1865

A very inclement day. Nevertheless, we attended Zion. Had about the usual number, and Cousin Lem was very interesting. – – Ju and his Uncle Hill returned as far as his house in the carriage with us. We spent the rest of the day. Never enjoyed myself more in my life eating oysters. They had any quantity of the finest I most ever saw. – – Heard today that corn sold at St. Coalter sale for $320 pr. barrel, and pork sold for $10 pr. pound, either there or somewhere else. – – At those rates, Dr. Lewis’ terms amount to $12000 for the two scholars. More than I can afford to give. We returned home to supper. Took Aunt Beck up in the carriage. She had been spending the day at Ju’s. – – Two calves died last night.

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