Sunday, 23rd September, 1866

Quite a pleasant morning, though cloudy. Bake and I went in the carriage to Church. Washington drove, made it late getting there. George and Fannie drove freely, the first time I’ve used the carriage since Zac oiled it. We returned to dinner. Pigeo kept house. Nan’s having chills. Old Mrs. Lipscomb came to bring me ½ doz. birds. Gave her some bacon, potatoes, flour, &c. Bake’s old acquaintances were glad to meet with her at Church. The servants have quite a big day today. Jim gives it in honor of Albert, who is making his first visit since the surrender of Richmond. I am right much indisposed. This evening lay down and remained in bed all the evening. Pigeo sent supper upstairs to George and Bake.

One thought on “Sunday, 23rd September, 1866”

  1. Perhaps a note of this Big Day in honor of Albert could be added to the brief commentary on him that appears under “The Enslaved.” This is an intriguing entry regarding former slaves.

    Interesting that this white Virginian sees the war’s end as “the surrender of Richmond,” not as the defeat of the entire pro-slavery secessionist rebellion that cost some 700,000 lives.

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