Sunday, 25 June, 1865

Quite a pretty day. The Lieut. drove the carriage, Bake, Pigeo and I. Zac and William Gregory on horseback. Bill, a little indisposed, remained at home, and Hardie on account of having a boil on his face. We returned to dinner. William Gregory went home. Bake and the Lieut. took their usual walk. Zac went to prayer meeting at Colosse. Took supper at Mount Hope, returned and slept in the porch till day. Lieut. Arledge received a letter from James Filor in New York by Bill, the 1st information he has had from his friends since he came here, though he has written repeatedly.1Lieut. Arledge’s family lived for a while in Key West, FL where they were neighbors, and it seems in-laws, of merchant James Filor. James, a generation older that our Lieut., is now living in New York where he will die in 1867. Filor is perhaps best remembered for the letter he wrote to President Lincoln in 1863 requesting Key West be included in the loyal areas of the South exempt from the Emancipation Proclamation. We will learn more about Lieut. Arledge as well.

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