Sunday, 25th March, 1866

Quite cold and windy, but I felt as if I ought to go to Church. Corbin drove, Hardie rode Fannie, Bill and Zac staid at home. – – Hardie returned to dinner. Nan and I took dinner at Ju’s and spent the afternoon with Mrs. Lewis. Joe Baytop is quite sick.1Josephine (Joe) Spotswood [Lewis] Baytop’s marriage was reported back on 22 December, 1864. She will recover from her illness and die in 1927 at the age of 90. Ju hitched Chester in with George and left Shakespeare till we returned. Mag, himself and Stuart went in the carriage with Nan and myself. Found all in fine spirits there. Roland had just arrived with the two “Germans” from Richmond. They have no servants there at all and seem to get on very well indeed as far as I could judge, and they all say they are much happier without them. – – For myself, I must acknowledge that while we are happier in some respects, they contribute a great deal to our happiness in others. – – I have always had a partiality for the race and have strong attachments for many of them. – – I understand from Dandridge through some of the other servants, that Martha is altogether opposed to returning as a servant, since she has known what it is to be free and untrammeled.

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