Sunday, 31 December, 1865

A gloomy dismal day. – – Zac took Nan and Rose to Zion in the buggy, drove Shakespeare. They returned to dinner. I would like to have gone but my health, the inclement day and George not being in condition to drive to the carriage prevented. – – Liv started on Fannie at three o’clk. for Richmond. The weather too bad for Rose to go over. Bill will take her over when he goes sometime in January. Sent a long letter to Pigeo by Liv to have mailed. – – Gave him $5 to get some medicine, a cap for Nan, and the rest for some trifles for Pigeo. Money is so hard to get I have to be very sparing. But if all will be contented, I am perfectly satisfied. Riches do not produce happiness. – – Bill stuck a splinter under his nail and suffered more intensely than I ever saw any one. I really thought he would have got lock jaw, he was in an agony. Slept in my chamber after trying different things. Gave him a hundred drops laudanum. – – Gave Liv my gold watch to have the chain mended. – – This is Monday morning. The old year has gone and I trust with it troubles such as we shall never have to encounter again on this earth. O, that a merciful God may watch over us and direct all our ways in time to come.

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