Sunday, 3rd March, 1867

The morning fair, to be a rainy day Mr. Cooke came to give Bill a seat in his buggy and taking him to Church. They agreed about it last night. Bill complained of severe pain in his side and was in bed, under the effects of laudanum when he came. It came on to rain and hail, and was too inclement to attend Church, so Mr. Cooke waited till about 2 and left. Put his basket with some radishes in it in his buggy. Bill waked and got up about that time, very much relieved. Rained and hailed during the evening and wound up with a thunderstorm in the night. He and I spent the rest of the day reading the Bible and Herald, and talking on the subjects. Think we were both “edified.” Dr. Thomas’ writings are so very instructive and interesting. I am feeling a little indisposed today withall. Tom cooked a very nice dinner today. Has improved in cooking and everything else.

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