Sunday, 4 December, 1864

A beautiful day again. Rose left with her father this morning. We were all sorry to part with her. She is an affectionate sweet child, and had learned to obey me promptly. I sent Mary some butter, sausage, spare ribs and “chine,” &c. Hardin made presents of shoes to Mary, Garland, Rose, Luce and Mollie, a piece of calico, do, gingham, 1 lb. tea, sweet soap, &c, &c.1The “do” indicates Hardie gave a piece of calico to Mary, Garland, Rose, Luce and Mollie, as he did shoes. After they were off, we got ready for Church. Bake, Nan, Hardie and I went in the carriage. Met Bill returning home just inside the outer gate. Gave him the house key. – – We all returned by Ju’s to dinner, and home to supper. Hardie’s old acquaintances were pleased to meet with his Uncle Hardin. Set a day for him to visit them, he promised to go next Tuesday.

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