Sunday, 4 September, 1864

Rather an inclement morning. Bill returned from Richmond about ten, and Bartlett with the wagon. They certainly made a quick trip. Brought a barrel of lime and three molasses barrels $ $.50 a piece. Bought 2 lbs. soda @ $5 pr. pound, laudanum, spt’s nitre, &c. – – Both the corn, 33 bushels @ $50 pr. bushel, was sold by Turner and Moore.1Moore & Turner were commission merchants doing business on Franklin Street between 14th and 15, “near the Old Market.” A state office building, or the parking garage across the street, next to I-95 sits there now. – He collected the money they sold corn for some time ago. – – $10500. – -Mary sent the things she and Bake purchased for the children, two calico dresses, Nan @ $9 per yard, and an alpaca dress for Pigeo @ $1.50 pr yd, paper, ink, liner, body, &c for Rose. Received a letter from Bake. She says she is not coming home till I go over in my carriage for her. Wouldn’t be surprised if she stays till Xmas. – – Made it late starting to Church on account of Bill’s getting home at the time he did. He took breakfast at Ju’s, who is quite sick. Received a message from him requesting me to come up and see him today. I accordingly called by and promised to return to dinner from church. Carried Stuart, found Mrs. Slaughter there. – – Took Mrs. Robins up to her gate on her way from Church. She spent the evening. We insisted on Ju’s coming with us home in the carriage to spend the night, being sick and so much anxiety of mind operates very much against him. After a long time he consented to come and rallied right much during the night, poor child! I had little thought to see him cut down in this way. I trust to see him have more fortitude and resignation, when he shall have passed through this slough of despair. Had an early supper after lying on the lounge in the front chamber sometime, went up in Bake’s room to sleep. – – Ma Ann sent me a letter from Emily to read.2Ma Ann is surely Martha Ann [Hillard] Littlepage, widow of Edmond Littlepage, Caroline’s late husband’s wife. She lived at Retreat on the old Littlepage Aspen Grove/Cool Spring lands where her husband was born. Emily may have been Emily (Lipscomb) Littlepage, wife of Martha Ann’s son Hardin Benskin Littlepage. These Hardin Littlepages lived in Montgomery, Alabama. – – Parky taken with a chill today.

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