Ann E. (Nan / Nannie)

Ann Elizabeth Littlepage, or variously Nannie, Nanny, or Nan, was born 24 Sept 1850, just a few weeks too late for the 1850 U.S. Census. Caroline was just about 40 when her twelfth child was born. She and Lewis were beginning to tempt fate.

As with Pigeo, Rose’s diary is our starting point. She most frequently spelled Ann Elizabeth’s nickname as Nannie. But her mother eleven years later leaned toward Nan. Let’s go with Caroline.1There must have been an outbreak of “Nans” in King William County in the midpoint of the nineteenth century. Almost every family seems to have at least one. And Mollie’s.

Just about everything Rose said about Pigeo also applies to her younger sister, except that Nan was going through the “terrible twos.” Added to her 4 January comment about Nannie being spoiled quoted in Pigeo’s bio, we have on 3 April,

“I am here by myself. Nothing but the wild wild sports of dear sweet little Nannie to molest my solitude.” 2Yes, Rose wrote “wild” twice.”

But by August something had changed. Rose wrote on the 18th,

“Nannie is in my opinion the sweetest child that ever lived.”

Three days later she records,

“Nannie is certainly the best behaved child in Church I ever saw.”

On 18 September Rose and “Sister,” “dressed Nannie up in a suit of boys clothes and I thought we would have killed ourselves laughing at her.” 3Hope that didn’t scar Nan for life.

Finally Rose on 13 November allows that,

“Nannie is sweeter now than ever. I know I love her better than anything on earth-most. She is the pick of the whole family.”

When Caroline’s journal opens “sweet” Nan is thirteen and growing up in a world her mother would not have wished for her.