Thursday, 12th April, 1866

Another cloudy, drizzly day. The Yankee officer from W. O., on behalf of the “Freedmen,” hold a Court at the C. H. today. Bill has gone up.1 Hardie caught 26 shad last night and took them to the W. O. this morning. Saw a man who laid claim to the boy as being his stepfather and took him.2 – – Patsy’s ironing today. – – Hardie killed a curious kind of a fowl, nearly as large as a goose. 344 shad caught in all. – – Sowed butterbeans around the frame today. – – Sent Buck with a piece of bird pie to Mrs. Lipscomb. She sent me some butterbeans, cucumber seed, &c. – – Bill went out with Hardie before supper floating.

  1. The unnamed Yankee officer is 1st Lt. John C. Chance mentioned in a footnote on 5 April, inst. The Freedmen’s Bureau Field Office Records, 1865-1872 for Virginia are now online on the free FamilySearch website ( Even better, the records have been indexed by name. Lt. Chance has 162 entries. The logistics of setting up a Field Office in King William must have been difficult, especially among white landowners highly suspicious of  his mission. Chance initially was headquartered at West Point. But this week he moved operations to King William Courthouse. What is interesting in this journal entry is that Chance seems to be residing near White Oak Landing, and while Caroline certainly knows it, she cannot bring herself to write his name.  (back)
  2. See yesterday’s entry about this boy.  (back)

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