Thursday, 12th July, 1866

Beautiful, pleasant weather since the rain, which was very beneficial to everything. – – Zac’s raking over the yard walks a little before going to school. Nan has finished off two very pretty bodies and braided them this week. I pleated another skirt for Pigeo this evening. Nan and herself, with Zac to accompany them, are to go over to Mr. Henley’s tomorrow evening by appointment to go to the singing at Bruington in King and Queen. – – Zac returned rather earlier than usual this evening. The Col. was sick and he spent the day with Jimmie Spiller. Brought us some nice apples. Met with Pigeo and Nan, who had walked to look for blackberries, and all returned together to supper. John Banks and his wife came about 12 to obtain some provisions. They are quite destitute. I informed him there was no meal in the house to part with, but if he would go up to Walkerton Mill and bring our meal home he could get some. He did so, after getting dinner for himself and wife. I let him have a bushel and 9 lbs. bacon. Sent 5½ bushels wheat by him to be ground by Saturday. – – Set two hens this evening, a turkey and dunghill hen, set two a few days ago. – – Hal has commenced keeping her nest the second time. Did not succeed in hatching the first time. Had the misfortune to get her eggs broken. – – Bill commenced to laying in some black eyed peas today with one plough by Washington, i.e., will begin tomorrow.

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