Thursday, 15th March, 1866

The loveliest day we have had this Spring, and from loss of sleep last night I am very much indisposed. Notwithstanding, through a little persuasion from Hardie, instead of lying down and taking a nap I had a cup of strong coffee and with him to drive Fannie to the buggy I spent the day at Ju’s, and leave Nannie alone to pursue her studies and take care of the house. Bill will return to dinner from the oat field he is having the clover seed dragged in today also. I took a long nap after dinner at Ju’s, and while asleep, Mrs. Edwards called to see me and Mag came up and awoke me. Miss Atilla George came also. I paid her three dollars and twenty cents for the piece of coarse cloth she wove. Will return the message to Ju in the morning. – – Spent the day very pleasantly, though much indisposed. We returned earlier than we should have done on account of Hardie’s making a drift on the right tide and caught 18 shad, the first we have had. Took supper after catching nine, and he and Zac returned and caught nine more and came in about 8 much gratified with their night’s work, or rather sport for them. – – As regards the buggy ride to and from the C. H., no one need to have envied me that. Little Fannie didn’t only go along the road, but all about it and so to the old buggy the bottom dropped several times. Tis true I didn’t go through, but my things did. Hardie laughed, but I didn’t. It was too critical, for I found she would go along anyway whether she had all the buggy or not. Any how, we reached home safely. – – Patsy weeded out some of the walks in the yard today, but from the amount of work done, did not hurt herself I imagine, but she soon commenced complaining and said she hadn’t seen anything like freedom yet, had to work just as she always did. I told her that after Martha returned from her pleasure excursion, she must take her time and all would be better contented and be better to realize that though they were all free, we all had to work in order to live. – – Found Nan quite cheerful when we returned. She went out on the bank with Bill to enjoy the scenery, so many boats with lights floating.

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