Thursday, 18 May, 1865

Very warm. Shirley made his appearance this morning.1 Wished to remain. I had some talk with him and told him I only wanted him for the field and would find him and give him wages at the end of the year. He seemed satisfied. Gave me a couple of oranges and went on. – – How tedious and tasteless the hours pass away to me in this uncertain state of affairs. Liv and Eubank caught 223 herrings last night. The salt gave out and they took them down the river to dispose of, but failed to do so and brought them back and I had them cleaned by Dellah. – – Bake, Lieut. Arledge and Hardie spent the evening at Mrs. Hill’s, by promise and ice cream arrangement. – – They received an invitation to a dancing party at Dr. Lewis’ tomorrow evening. Returned about 12.

  1. See 15 August, 1864.  (back)

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