Thursday, 19 October, 1865

Quite windy today. Hardie took the Lieut. to the C.H. on business. Took out his license. – – Hal left about ten. Beverly came to dinner and will spend the night. – – Hardie and Lieut. dined at Ju’s, returned to supper. – – Sent Frederick to request Susan Finch to come and assist me about making cake.1 Sent word she would be her(e) tomorrow. – – It has been very windy today, too much so to sow wheat. Bill sent 12 bushels wheat to Robin’s Mill today by Jim, returned at dark. Got beautiful flour. Hardie went out and had it put in the smoke house. Had some corn gathered and shucked today for hogs. – – Tom shelled off a tumbrel load of husks and he and Thomas brought them to the house. Bettie assisted Martha in bringing them to the house. She is here sick, left Mrs. McGeorge’s. – – Bake was taken with a dreadful toothache about bedtime, and lasted her all night. Had the neuralgia in her shoulder withall. Pigeo and I rubbed it for her before retiring. She suffers intensely. – – Lieut. brought a beautiful present a piece for Bake and Pigeo of the loveliest pin cushion I ever beheld. – – One purchased at Niagara Falls and the other from Canada, and a pair of white kid gloves a piece and a pair for Hardie.

  1. The 1850 US Census for King William shows Susan Finch, then 24, living in a household headed by John C. Trimyer. John C. is a carpenter, age 44, presumed to be White. (The 1862 KW PP tax roll shows his middle name as Camm.) The listing directly below shows Betsy Trimyer, 36. She is listed as Black. The nine other members of the household, including Susan, are listed as mulatto. These include seven who are listed under John and Betsy, likely their children. They range in age from 18 to 6 months. Listed under the toddler is Caroline Custalow, 60. She is followed by Susan and then John A. Finch, 1. John appears in the 1860 census as well, in a much smaller household, just him and Betty and three children. No listing is found for Susan in 1860. But we know from Caroline she is living nearby in 1865. John C. Trimyer, sometime appearing as J.C. and Trimmer, appears in the KW PP Tax Rolls until the early 1870s. How Susan Finch is related to the Trimyers is unknown. But Caroline seems to trust her skills as a baker.  (back)

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  1. bev pflugrath - says:

    Who is Beverly? Thanks

    • Bibb says:

      Beverley is surely Beverley Littlepage,son of the late Edmund Littlepage and his wife Martha Ann of “Cool Spring.” He would be first cousin to Caroline’s children.

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