Thursday, 20 October, 1864

Fine weather. Our potatoes are turning out finely. – – Two government wagons came for fodder. Bill gave more than the quantity, but will deduct in corn. – – Sent Tom up to mail a letter to Mary from Rose and myself. Received a note from Ju requesting me to send the money for the wheat I purchased of him, and the money for Bill’s horse. I did so by giving him an order on Turner & Moore for $2500. – – Nan drove Shakespeare up and carried him a letter enclosing it. – – Bill has sowed 41 bushels white wheat in all up to this time. He would like to have gone to Miss Ellen Gresham’ s wedding tonight by special invitation, but had not a suitable suit to wear.1Probably Ellen Gresham, about 19, the daughter of William Dew Gresham who appears in the 1860 King & Queen U.S. Census. She married William Dew of King & Queen, probably a cousin of some description, who was about 10 years older. They appear together in the 1870 US Census living in King & Queen. – – Cut out a pair of pants a piece for Bill and Zac.

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